Sunday, December 26, 2010

Feeling so blessed today

I woke up to snow, and it's supposed to continue until tomorrow night! How exciting :) I know e-v would love to see it, I wish she was here so I could take her out on a little sled and run around, but I'm sure she's loving the California sunshine :)

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and kept the orphans overseas in your prayers. That's all I could seem to think about yesterday while I was with my family. I wish I could show them all the love a family can give, one day I will. I'll share with you guys some adorable pictures of e-v from the holiday (stolen from my mom), but first I want to share with you a thought that's been on my mind.

My mom is Sergey T's Christmas Warrior, and she's been so great. She's done a bake sale at her work, fundraising.. it's not easy to make that many cookies and desserts to sell! But she did, and because of her Sergey has $752.05 in his adoption fund! She has until the 31st to reach her goal of $1,000, will you guys help her?

He has an updated picture! and look how handsome he is.. I just want to take him home!

Look at his ADORABLE little face and tell me you won't donate and help save him from his crib confinement? Think of all the things you just got for Christmas, and then think about how the only thing this boy REALLY needs is something so basic; a family. 

I'll be checking his fund daily from now until then, and I know with the help of all of you we can get him to $1,000 by then!! 

Here's some motivation; adorable pictures of e-v. Look how happy she is! Imagine what a family could do for Sergey. 

In her little pj's

Look at that smile! and look at how long her hair is! it's longer than mine.. :(

Sticking her tongue out just like sissy taught her :)

Being a cute little elf :)

Leading the Christmas party at her preschool

Sorry guys, but it has to be done. Look at that little pout!! That is what e-v does when she finds out that you won't donate to help Sergey find his forever family!!

With that in mind, I hope that you'll all go to Sergey's page and chip in whatever you can afford :) Happy holidays everybody!! 

More soon,

Thursday, December 23, 2010


The cards have been taken off of Etsy. The most offensive ones have been taken off!

That right there says something about prayer! It's something I've really only started doing lately, and I'm glad I have. It helps me feel more at ease to talk to everyone above about the problems I'm facing and see what solutions await me when I wake up. I've been praying EXTRA hard these past couple of nights, and it's clear that my dad has been listening, for my prayers have been answered.. and he sent a bonus: snow!

Yes! I woke up to some snow on the ground, and it's still going! It looks like it may be a white christmas after all :)))

On top of all of this it is Remi and I's 4 and a half year anniversary! Yes! It really has been that long.. so crazy to think it's been almost 5 years since the first time we met!

AND it's the night before Christmas eve.

Today is the BEST day, my friends!

I hope it's as good for all of you, as it is for me <3

Me and Remi way back when we first started dating..

... and now! thank goodness for the changes in appearance on my part hahaha I was really struggling back then.

And a recent picture of e-v because it's my favorite and she's so beautiful! Just like today :)

More soon,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's so close to Christmas

and all I can think about is helping others. It's a wonderful change! Not that I was some kind of scrooge before, but at this point all I could think about is what presents I would be getting, how many would be under the tree, how excited I was for all of the materialistic goods that awaited me. This year, I'm thinking of the orphans overseas. How their Christmas will be lacking.. how I know gifts don't mean much, but I so wish I could send them all teddy bears so that they have SOMETHING to comfort them while they sleep. I hope that this is the last Christmas that they will spend alone. If I could have anything for Christmas, it would be a family for each and every one of them. Christmas is 3 days away.. can you believe it? Another year has passed us by so quickly. This time last year, my mom, stepdad and e-v had just moved out to California and it was awful for me to say goodbye. I'll attach some pictures at the end to bring us up to that sad moment. But for now let's go back to Christmas. 3 days left. 10 days until the new year. That is when to love the unloved is launching. We need as many people to be aware of this as possible.. we want everyone to be there for the first month! It's the grand opening, the tah-dah! moment. My hope was to have 1,000 fans by then, 1,000 people educated on what we're doing, what we're trying to change, who we're trying to help and how.. however, as it stands, we are at 388. The goal is 500 for Christmas, but as I said, that's only 3 short days away.

It saddens me that so many people have shared that guys cards, that they have now received 12,000 views, some of them. 12,000! That's a number of fans I couldn't even dream of having. I, of course, was guilty in that too, but I was hoping that something would have been resolved. It appears that unfortunately, things may not turn out the way we hoped. When asked to share to love the unloved and have your friends like it, many of you did, and for that I am greatful. I just am wishing at this point, that more people chose to look at the good than the bad. I wonder how many of my friends went to look at the cards because of how awful they were, but still haven't liked the organization's page? I wish that everyone that took a look at those cards, would come see something that would fill their hearts, their souls, their minds, with happiness at what we're doing. After seeing something so saddening and distasteful, I wish they could have been directed to something that could have helped them change lives.

At this point, I'm feeling a little down, and the only thing that makes me happy at a point like this is my little sister <3 I am so, so thankful for her.

e-v standing up on her own like a big girl!!

Sitting in nana's favorite chair

Blowing kisses to sissy!

Falling asleep in sissys arms :)

Dropping my mom and e-v off at the airport and saying our goodbyes :( the last picture I took of e-v before they had to go
More soon,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My letter to Etsy

Once again, my blog has taken an off topic turn, but I know e-v will understand, as everything I do is for her!

The topic of the day: Etsy.

The site we all know as cute and having adorable things being sold in it has taken a turn for the worst. It was brought to everyone's attention that a user youstupidbit*h (I don't want my sister to think I have a complete potty mouth ;)) was selling cards on his shop that were COMPLETELY inappropriate. He's trying to get a laugh, and he's going about it the complete wrong way. Who here thinks making fun of children with down syndrome.. women with  breast cancer.. even a rape victim! is ok!? Certainly not me, or any of the people that I associate myself with. So off I went emailing etsy. Should have guessed how that would turn out..

Me: Please, remove the etsy user "youstupidbit*h" his name is derrick clark, you're about to get a thousand complaints from thousands of hurt parents, siblings, advocates for down syndrome. Take it off as quickly as possible.. I can't believe you would even allow people like this to put content of this sort on your website.. that really reflects poorly on you.

A COMPLETELY disgusted girl who has a baby sister with down syndrome,Savana Trombino

Of course, like everyone else, I got the same lame generic response back but that wasn't going to stop me. I emailed them back.

Me:I'm sorry but this is not a case of "artistic expression".. you consider making fun of children with down syndrome artistic? It's not, and I'm sure anyone would agree no matter what global community they're representing. It's great that you allow people to express their sensibilities, but not when it comes to this. That's not right, it's really not. It should be more important to you that a HUGE community of etsy buyers are incredibly upset, over one user getting to keep his petty cards up. According to YOUR rules, there is no profanity allowed in ones username. So tell me, how does "youstupidbit*h" still have a shop?

It says it takes up to a day to get a response. Still nothing. 

So I took it up with this Derrick guy. 

Me:What is wrong with you? Who do you think you are having something up there belittling children with down syndrome? I really hope you're prepared for the thousands of emails you're going to be getting from hurt parents, siblings, advocates.. my little sister has down syndrome, how do you think it makes me feel to see that card up there? Do you have any siblings? Anyone you care about? Imagine them being made fun of, how would you like it? Thousands of people have seen that card, that embarrasses me. Your cards are stupid, they're ignorant, and they're petty.. as is anyone who buys them off of you. When my sister is old enough I can't wait to teach her about people like you, teach her not to be hurt by you, but to feel sorry for you. She's more blessed than you'll ever be. 

I hope this will teach you that all of your actions have consequences.. you can't say things like that without angering someone, and this was certainly the wrong group to anger.

Derrick:ive already spoken with etsy and all is fine with me selling this card as is. it's not against any policies whatsoever.

it may be in bad taste, but taste is not regulated.

maybe if you headed over to you could find a card that offends you less than this one?


At this point my blood is boiling. I want to find this man, and I want to slap him. Who does he think he is!? Luckily, I'm an advocate, and I'm a crusader, and no way is it ending like that.

So I joined the Etsy Boycott, and I hope you all will do the same. I've looked at the etsy rules over and over, I've come up with my statement for their wall, and here it is:

"This is what happens when you let people "express themselves artistically" as you claim "youstupidbit*h" is doing. I'd like to know how making fun of people with breast cancer, down syndrome, rape victims, is artistic expression? It's not. So nice try on trying to back this guy up, but his name contains "mature, profane or racist language" And that's straight from your etsy membership dos and donts! I find that funny, considering you were so quick to send ME the rules on allowing members to sell pretty much whatever they want, yet didn't take that rule into consideration? Also under prohibited item rules, you list "Items that promote or glorify hatred, racial, religious intolerance", if you take a look at his cards, that describes all of them! It seems that you don't know your own rules, but were so quick to throw them at me. Etsy is a great site otherwise, but I'm sorry to say there will be no buying from me, or any of the 900 friends that I've sent this to until this gets resolved."

Me being well.. me, I had a lot more to say than that! Unfortunately (or luckily, if you're in etsy's position), the characters are limited to 1,000. Hmph.

I really hope you'll all go look at his cards and see what he's doing.. Making light of people being addicted to drugs, people with breast cancer, people who have been raped, people with down syndrome.. the list goes on. I hope you'll report him on etsy, join the Boycott Etsy fb page, REPORT HIM on facebook.. this guy is EVERYWHERE and I'm not going to stop until he's taken down. 

More soon,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Waiting on some snow

It's supposed to snow tonight through wednesday, but we'll see! I'm excited for the snow. I know this is off topic, but sometimes the blog might be, as my thoughts are always going and changing, that's just me :) But along with the snow, I wanted to share an entry I submitted to a contest last week on why I love the winter time.

Here it goes!:

I love winter because of the snow. Every time the first flake falls, I think of the last Christmas season that I spent with my father. He passed away when I was 6, so to be able to remember something so long ago is very special to me. It's a memory I'll always take with me. I've never been a morning person, even at that age. But in my father came, bright and early one morning. Jumped on the bed, "Savana wake up!! wake up!" Reluctantly I opened my little eyes to see what was wrong. He opened the blinds beside my bed and I looked out and saw what I had been waiting so long for. The first snow!! I was so excited. It was snowing, and it was beautiful. So out of bed I jumped and into my little snowsuit and off we went outside where I proceeded to have him drag me around in my little pink sleigh (with our beagle Skippy in tow). We were out there all day.. I don't know how you have so much energy at such a young age, but it was literally night time before my mom finally called us to come inside. "One more time dad!" I yelled. He agreed, we went for one more lap then ran up to the house. We took our snowsuits off and laid them on the radiator to dry, then sipped some hot cocoa my mom had been making on the stove. It was a perfect day, and it's the perfect memory. Whenever I see a flake fall, it takes me back to the moment where I looked out my window with my dad at my side, and everything was perfect.

And now onto a topic of familiarity, to love the unloved! I will be writing about this organization for the rest of my life! I can't wait for e-v to look back at this blog and think wow.. my sister is such a persistent advocating girl! 

We have a new thing going on, thanks to the brilliance of Taylah! It's called a blog hop. I had no idea what this meant, I thought it might just be another fun australian phrase! hahaha (she's going to kill me for that) But no! It was an interesting concept, that I think will be very successful! I won't explain it, because at this point I'd like you to head on over to the blog and read about it there! 

But before you go, check out these picture's of my beautiful little sister! Have to keep up on her time line, don't think I've forgotten :) Last post we were at her first birthday, so these pictures will bring us through that summer, her second halloween, and back around to winter! 

e-v and leap! one of her favorite toys

cheesing for the camera ;) a ham like her sister

Forgot to add this one to a previous post, and it's too cute to be unseen!

Ready for winter round 2 :)

hahah look at her expression!! She was cracking me and my best friend Coty up.. she was watching Barney, and this one little boy was very.. interesting with his expressions and singing and she was so shocked, I was dying of laughter

More soon,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today, I woke up and saw our promo video was done! I was very nervous, because I felt like I could have done a better job on it, but when I saw it all put together my fears were cast aside because I realized we were awesome!! We got our message out, and even if it felt weird sitting here recording the same thing over and over by myself, trying to get it just right, it was worth it!! It's soo awesome, and I love all of the amazing people in it :) More proud of the organization than ever before!! Please, check out our promo video, our blog, and like us on facebook!! Every like is one more person that is showing that they're supporting our efforts to change the world, one orphan at a time.. and to us, that means everything! Thank you so much everyone!

More soon,

Victory will be ours!! ;) See, even e-v's happy about it!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's the rainy days

That really get you into the writing mood. I recently signed up to be a prayer warrior on reeces rainbow, and am anxiously awaiting the information that comes in the mail! It's a really exciting concept to be able to put someone else's needs above your own, and I feel that's something I haven't been doing as much as I could. I've noticed that since I've gotten into advocating, I've become a better person. Whether it's me being more patient, more caring. There were times that I would go into a store and stress out because I couldn't buy all of the things that I wanted. Now I can't go into a store without guilt. I no longer want all of the dresses and the shoes. Well I mean, of course I do, but then I think "that money could be saving a child's life". I realized today, that the $20 you spend on a shirt, could be the $20 added to a child's adoption fund, that makes a person look at it and say wow, I think this is affordable. I want to take this child home. That's more rewarding than anything you could buy in a store. Knowing you donated to that child, and now someone is deciding they can take him home? You just changed someone's life; or in this case, you gave them one. 

Since e-v came into my world, I've changed. My perspective has widened farther than I ever thought it could. Not to say I was narrow minded, or prejudiced in any way, but you just definitely think about things differently when you haven't personally experienced them. I remember being so uncertain about the terms being thrown around. "Special needs" "down syndrome" "disabilities".. you always hear the negative things surrounding these words. Why not the positive? Where were the people saying "You know what, it's really a blessing to be expecting a child with down syndrome. People should be envious of the joy that will be brought into your life." Because that's how I see e-v.  

Well, here's the good. 

There's never been a more well tempered child than my sister! I've babysat for other people's children, and they were no where as near as happy as e-v. She would just play for hours then happily drift off into sleep. She literally would only cry if you laughed too loud, and then she would give the saddest pout ever and make you feel horrible. 

You always hear of expecting the differences in appearance. The difference I see, is that they're adorable! They have the cutest little eyes and round faces, everything about them to me is 1,000 times cuter than any other child. E-v was the cutest baby I had ever come across! I know that's bias, because I'm the big sister, but honestly, anyone that's seen a baby with ds will agree. 

How about the developmental delays? Who honestly cares about that? Sure e-v wasn't walking at 6 months or however old you're "supposed" to be, but that made it so much more special when she did! You can savor everything more, because every little step is an accomplishment! We had actually been told at one point that e-v's muscle tone was so low, that they had doubts about her being able to even stand. I wish I knew what doctor that was, so I could go back and show him what a little warrior looks like! E-v walks all over the place, thank you very much! Every new sound that she makes, when she claps her hands.. it's all miraculous. To be able to watch a child learn so much, is a wonderful experience. She is now learning to point when you say certain words. She loves when you say nose :) it's her favorite thing to lay her pointer on. 

I wish people would wake up and see life for what it really is! I wish people weren't so sheltered and stuck in their own notions of what's "right" and what's "wrong".. seeing the institutions overseas makes me so sad. Just the fact that people think what they're doing is helping society makes me want to cry. That was the US, not too long ago! And to think that right now in the US the termination rate of children with special needs is 90%.. isn't saying too much about our countries' mindset either :( 

How could you choose to terminate a child with all of the qualities that I've mentioned above? Loving.. always happy.. cute as a button.. being able to really see EVERY accomplishment.. To me that sounds like the PERFECT child! 

It's plain to see, that people just aren't educated. Why isn't this a subject in school? At my old high school, I've learned that they now have history of ghosts or something like that.. at least 4 fashion classes.. 3 different types of music classes, endless history courses.. Why not a class on different "disabilities" (and I put that in quotations, because I don't believe that anyone is disabled, they just go about learning things a different way and at a different pace.)? A lot of people I know don't even understand what down syndrome is, they just see it as you would from an outsiders perspective; in a negative connotation. I try to enlighten everyone that I can! I think it could really be helpful to a lot of people, to see that EVERYONE deserves the chance at a life! That just because a child isn't "normal" doesn't mean that they don't offer the same love as other children! 

But what can you do, besides educate others? That's really what my blog is all about. (besides e-v of course). I want people to see her greatness! Her milestones.. I want people to look at her and think wow, down syndrome really IS a blessing! Even if one person reads this and because of all the great things they see about e-v, they decide to pass it on to someone else and open their mind.. or they show someone who's pregnant with a child with down syndrome who's heard nothing but negative things, and in turn they change their view and decide to keep the child.. I know that's dreaming big, but that's something I've always done! I have endless ideas, and they're all BIG! Ask anyone that's friends with me. 

I really want to do big things for e-v, for this community, for the orphans overseas. A lot of people at this point are definitely starting to see me in a different light. Every day, when I post things on facebook I know there are people that are being judgmental; they don't understand. Thinking "there she goes with her stupid rants about ds again" But you know what, that's the difference between those people and I. THOSE are the people that I'm trying to educate, and open their minds. Here's to hoping that I can! 

I know this was a long one, so thanks to those who have read it!

While you're here, don't forget to check out to love the unloved, and also check us out on facebook! The more likes we have, the more people will be aware of what we're doing and be able to help! 

More soon,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two of e-v's firsts!

Her first photoshoot, and her first birthday!! This post will be all pictures, I'll do some writing next time, I promise :) (but if you do want to read some of my writing, don't forget to head on over to the other blog, and read my letter!)

hahah this one's my favorite!! Soo cute

Honestly.. can't get any cuter.

Sissys <3

Aw! This was when her hair could just barely fit into little ponies! And her dress was sooo cute
Eating her zebra cake!

Anddd looking frightened by it lol!

So thankful for my sister <3 she's the light in my life :)

More soon,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

" love the unloved.": In loving memory

" love the unloved.": In loving memory: "Once again, we know we said that we wouldn't be posting until January, but sometimes you have to go by your heart, and not by what was plann..."

Everyone please take a moment to check out the other blog that I am a part of, and follow us if you're not already! Thank you.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

They grow up over night

She loved that little mirror!

Ok so, I've come to the conclusion that e-v completely doubled in size overnight! lol the orange pictures were from December..

E-V loves the iphones!

My boyfriend Remi and his new love ;)

And those were from February! Ok, so two months isn't overnight, but she grew up so fast :(..

We had a little photoshoot :), I'll feature these in my next post!! You guys will love them! She looks like such a little baby doll :) 

Before we knew it, it was Easter!! Look at her little tights and cardigan! That fashion sense comes from her sissy ;)
I'm so excited for my next post!! I'll put up pictures from her shoot, and from her first birthday. Are you guys excited!! :) We're already almost through her first year in pictures! How crazy is that?

It was at this point that E-V's obsession with her little blue seahorse began. It was this stuffed toy with a hard yellow belly, and when you pressed it, it would glow and play a song. She wore that thing out until the music sounded demonic! lol it was so slowed down from being played so much.. So then began the Barney phase. Which I didn't mind, because that used to be my favorite show!! Funny how you still remember the songs :p

More soon,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

From the past

Today I've decided to share a letter that I wrote to Oprah, in hopes of her doing a show dedicated to Down Syndrome. I never heard back, but I'd like to think that you guys will appreciate it :)

"Underneath this I see show ideas. Movies, new trends, burning questions for tyler perry? If you can take the time to put those things into a show you should be able to take the time to make it about something that matters. Show a world that people often glance past; a life with down syndrome. My little sister was born 2 years ago. My mom was told many times by countless doctors that she could have anywhere from mild to severe mental or physical disabilities, and the "best" option would be to abort her. My mom was appalled, how can someone be so cruel? Telling you to just abandon your child because they might be a little harder to take care of? Well my mom's the strongest most loving person I've ever come across, and she knew better than that. My father passed away when I was 6 and she raised me, worked 2 jobs and went to college, she can handle anything. So she kept the baby and 8 months later my sister E-V was born. She is the most loving adorable child you will ever lay your eyes on. She is so smart and she just has so much love for everyone, she brings a smile to everyone that meets her. She is a miracle, she works harder than the average child to do things that people say she can't. She's the most amazing person in my life and I am so proud to be her sister. I wish people could appreciate her more for all of the things she can do instead of placing emphasis on the things that she struggles with. If you made a show featuring people like her, showing that just because you have a disability, just because someone says you can't, it's only that much better when they see that you can. Open up the door for people with disabilities, show success stories! You feature movie stars and singers all the time because they can read lines off of a script or sing a simple song, feature people who truly matter. People who are extraordinary because they were told they wouldn't be able to do something as simple as stand, but end up surprising everyone and can walk around for hours. Put my sister on this show so that all of the doctors that told my mom she'd be better off without her can see how great and smart and loving she is, maybe they'll think about it in a different light. That's all I want, is for people to think about the greatness that she holds; not the disabilities."

And next on her timeline, her first orange :)

More soon,