Friday, February 18, 2011

It's been almost a month since my last post

I've been extremely busy this past month, with preparing for and then coming to California! :) So I now get to see e-v everyday, which is awesome. I love being able to watch her grow, and I really appreciate getting to see the small changes in her every day. Instead of "nose", she now likes to touch the top of my head, she thinks it's soo funny. It's so cute! When I arrived here it was night time, and she was already asleep. The next morning when she woke up she was soo surprised to see her sissy! She was a little shy at first, hiding her face and laughing when I would talk to her, but she has gotten through that phase and seems happy to have me back. That second day was amazing, I finally got to meet 1/4 of to love the unloved, Ashley Quinn! Her entire wonderful family, in fact :) She took incredible pictures of my, my mom, and e-v for valentine's day! I will attach them below :)

See how talented Ashley is!? They came out soo good! You are so beautiful e-v, and I don't want you to ever forget that! Also, we finally got to see little Laura! and she was soooooooo cute! I just wanted to squeeze her, though I know she wouldn't have liked it, because if I even looked at her, her lip would pucker up! It was soo sad but so cute all at once. You guys made each other cry, but hopefully next time you guys can get together and we can get some pictures of you guys being happy and playing, not hunched over and sobbing! All in all it was such a nice day, and I'm so excited to be here in California with my family, and our extended DS family, the Quinns.

Ashley and family, I can't wait to see you guys again <3

E-v, I love you so much, I'm so happy to be here with you.

More soon,


  1. Aww that was so sweet, Sav! I can't wait to see you all again <3 I'm glad you all liked the pictures :) Love ya, girl!

  2. beautiful photos! so glad you're there with her!