Monday, April 25, 2011

My song for you

blue eyes, bright smile, you always make my day
sadness, madness pain; you make it all go away
golden blonde hair, perfect button nose
looking at you truly shows me there are miracles.
I sing you to sleep, brush my hand against your cheek
admiring how perfect you are to me
your eyelids flutter, every time I stop
but I'd sing to you forever if I knew I'd always see, 
love filling your eyes when you stare up at me.
don't grow up too fast, like so many seem to do
you've got your whole life ahead, my e-v, so make sure to think it through
don't forget the times I swung you around
dangling your tiny feet over the ground
don't leave behind the times you ran over to touch my nose
how proud of you I was, watching you grow
I won't be around forever
but I hope you'll always know
how much your big sister loves you so
More soon,

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