Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy World

Down Syndrome Awareness Day :) March 21 (3/21) was picked to represent the 3 copies of the 21st chromosome, which is unique to those with Down Syndrome.
Educate yourself today on the subject, if not for yourself, for my sister. There is nothing that hurts me more than people who think my sister is any less of a human being, just because she has designer genes, as I like to put it.
She has inspired me to no end, and because of her I've become friends with some of the greatest people in the world. Because of her, I was led to 3 other girls who all have the same blessing of a family member with Down Syndrome, and we are now changing the world, one orphan at a time. Using our inspiration from our blessings to make a difference in the life of children overseas, who don't get the opportunity to be loved, or to have a family.
If you are interested in learning how you can help out, please visit or
To the cutest, most loving person in my life, E-v Alexandria Powell. You fill my darkest days with happiness and love. You are truly my everything.

I've been enjoying my time with e-v so much that I've forgotten about my blog! I'll upload some pictures of her to keep you guys entertained :) she's soooo cute. She still is obsessed with touching my nose, but now she likes to touch my eyes too. She loves when I dance, she thinks it's the best thing ever. Her latest trick is trying to climb out of her pack and play.. she gets one leg all the way over the top, and then doesn't know what to do! Soon enough she'll be climbing out. She's growing up so fast!! :( Her favorite food lately is cheerios, she can't get enough of them. She is obsessed with Barney, and Elmo! :)

Being a cutie in her hello kitty shirt!

Hugging Barney aww so cute! :D

In her playpen wearing sissy's hello kitty hair clip, she always does that hand placement when the end of Barney comes on, and she wants hugs and kisses :)

 E-v copying the sounds of sheep "baaing" on her children's music cd :)
E-v dancing perfectly to Barney! I love how she knows all the moves already!