Sunday, December 5, 2010

From the past

Today I've decided to share a letter that I wrote to Oprah, in hopes of her doing a show dedicated to Down Syndrome. I never heard back, but I'd like to think that you guys will appreciate it :)

"Underneath this I see show ideas. Movies, new trends, burning questions for tyler perry? If you can take the time to put those things into a show you should be able to take the time to make it about something that matters. Show a world that people often glance past; a life with down syndrome. My little sister was born 2 years ago. My mom was told many times by countless doctors that she could have anywhere from mild to severe mental or physical disabilities, and the "best" option would be to abort her. My mom was appalled, how can someone be so cruel? Telling you to just abandon your child because they might be a little harder to take care of? Well my mom's the strongest most loving person I've ever come across, and she knew better than that. My father passed away when I was 6 and she raised me, worked 2 jobs and went to college, she can handle anything. So she kept the baby and 8 months later my sister E-V was born. She is the most loving adorable child you will ever lay your eyes on. She is so smart and she just has so much love for everyone, she brings a smile to everyone that meets her. She is a miracle, she works harder than the average child to do things that people say she can't. She's the most amazing person in my life and I am so proud to be her sister. I wish people could appreciate her more for all of the things she can do instead of placing emphasis on the things that she struggles with. If you made a show featuring people like her, showing that just because you have a disability, just because someone says you can't, it's only that much better when they see that you can. Open up the door for people with disabilities, show success stories! You feature movie stars and singers all the time because they can read lines off of a script or sing a simple song, feature people who truly matter. People who are extraordinary because they were told they wouldn't be able to do something as simple as stand, but end up surprising everyone and can walk around for hours. Put my sister on this show so that all of the doctors that told my mom she'd be better off without her can see how great and smart and loving she is, maybe they'll think about it in a different light. That's all I want, is for people to think about the greatness that she holds; not the disabilities."

And next on her timeline, her first orange :)

More soon,


  1. I read your letter on your mom's page a little while's amazing! You're gonna make a big difference for all of these amazing kiddos, Savana! Love you <3

  2. thank you!! used my skills to write to ellen today :p maybe she'll listen!! :) we're all going to make the difference together! love YOU girl! <3