Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's the rainy days

That really get you into the writing mood. I recently signed up to be a prayer warrior on reeces rainbow, and am anxiously awaiting the information that comes in the mail! It's a really exciting concept to be able to put someone else's needs above your own, and I feel that's something I haven't been doing as much as I could. I've noticed that since I've gotten into advocating, I've become a better person. Whether it's me being more patient, more caring. There were times that I would go into a store and stress out because I couldn't buy all of the things that I wanted. Now I can't go into a store without guilt. I no longer want all of the dresses and the shoes. Well I mean, of course I do, but then I think "that money could be saving a child's life". I realized today, that the $20 you spend on a shirt, could be the $20 added to a child's adoption fund, that makes a person look at it and say wow, I think this is affordable. I want to take this child home. That's more rewarding than anything you could buy in a store. Knowing you donated to that child, and now someone is deciding they can take him home? You just changed someone's life; or in this case, you gave them one. 

Since e-v came into my world, I've changed. My perspective has widened farther than I ever thought it could. Not to say I was narrow minded, or prejudiced in any way, but you just definitely think about things differently when you haven't personally experienced them. I remember being so uncertain about the terms being thrown around. "Special needs" "down syndrome" "disabilities".. you always hear the negative things surrounding these words. Why not the positive? Where were the people saying "You know what, it's really a blessing to be expecting a child with down syndrome. People should be envious of the joy that will be brought into your life." Because that's how I see e-v.  

Well, here's the good. 

There's never been a more well tempered child than my sister! I've babysat for other people's children, and they were no where as near as happy as e-v. She would just play for hours then happily drift off into sleep. She literally would only cry if you laughed too loud, and then she would give the saddest pout ever and make you feel horrible. 

You always hear of expecting the differences in appearance. The difference I see, is that they're adorable! They have the cutest little eyes and round faces, everything about them to me is 1,000 times cuter than any other child. E-v was the cutest baby I had ever come across! I know that's bias, because I'm the big sister, but honestly, anyone that's seen a baby with ds will agree. 

How about the developmental delays? Who honestly cares about that? Sure e-v wasn't walking at 6 months or however old you're "supposed" to be, but that made it so much more special when she did! You can savor everything more, because every little step is an accomplishment! We had actually been told at one point that e-v's muscle tone was so low, that they had doubts about her being able to even stand. I wish I knew what doctor that was, so I could go back and show him what a little warrior looks like! E-v walks all over the place, thank you very much! Every new sound that she makes, when she claps her hands.. it's all miraculous. To be able to watch a child learn so much, is a wonderful experience. She is now learning to point when you say certain words. She loves when you say nose :) it's her favorite thing to lay her pointer on. 

I wish people would wake up and see life for what it really is! I wish people weren't so sheltered and stuck in their own notions of what's "right" and what's "wrong".. seeing the institutions overseas makes me so sad. Just the fact that people think what they're doing is helping society makes me want to cry. That was the US, not too long ago! And to think that right now in the US the termination rate of children with special needs is 90%.. isn't saying too much about our countries' mindset either :( 

How could you choose to terminate a child with all of the qualities that I've mentioned above? Loving.. always happy.. cute as a button.. being able to really see EVERY accomplishment.. To me that sounds like the PERFECT child! 

It's plain to see, that people just aren't educated. Why isn't this a subject in school? At my old high school, I've learned that they now have history of ghosts or something like that.. at least 4 fashion classes.. 3 different types of music classes, endless history courses.. Why not a class on different "disabilities" (and I put that in quotations, because I don't believe that anyone is disabled, they just go about learning things a different way and at a different pace.)? A lot of people I know don't even understand what down syndrome is, they just see it as you would from an outsiders perspective; in a negative connotation. I try to enlighten everyone that I can! I think it could really be helpful to a lot of people, to see that EVERYONE deserves the chance at a life! That just because a child isn't "normal" doesn't mean that they don't offer the same love as other children! 

But what can you do, besides educate others? That's really what my blog is all about. (besides e-v of course). I want people to see her greatness! Her milestones.. I want people to look at her and think wow, down syndrome really IS a blessing! Even if one person reads this and because of all the great things they see about e-v, they decide to pass it on to someone else and open their mind.. or they show someone who's pregnant with a child with down syndrome who's heard nothing but negative things, and in turn they change their view and decide to keep the child.. I know that's dreaming big, but that's something I've always done! I have endless ideas, and they're all BIG! Ask anyone that's friends with me. 

I really want to do big things for e-v, for this community, for the orphans overseas. A lot of people at this point are definitely starting to see me in a different light. Every day, when I post things on facebook I know there are people that are being judgmental; they don't understand. Thinking "there she goes with her stupid rants about ds again" But you know what, that's the difference between those people and I. THOSE are the people that I'm trying to educate, and open their minds. Here's to hoping that I can! 

I know this was a long one, so thanks to those who have read it!

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More soon,

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  1. Beautiful Savana! You are so much wiser than I ever was at your age...I am so impressed. You give me hope that the world will be a better place!