Tuesday, December 7, 2010

They grow up over night

She loved that little mirror!

Ok so, I've come to the conclusion that e-v completely doubled in size overnight! lol the orange pictures were from December..

E-V loves the iphones!

My boyfriend Remi and his new love ;)

And those were from February! Ok, so two months isn't overnight, but she grew up so fast :(..

We had a little photoshoot :), I'll feature these in my next post!! You guys will love them! She looks like such a little baby doll :) 

Before we knew it, it was Easter!! Look at her little tights and cardigan! That fashion sense comes from her sissy ;)
I'm so excited for my next post!! I'll put up pictures from her shoot, and from her first birthday. Are you guys excited!! :) We're already almost through her first year in pictures! How crazy is that?

It was at this point that E-V's obsession with her little blue seahorse began. It was this stuffed toy with a hard yellow belly, and when you pressed it, it would glow and play a song. She wore that thing out until the music sounded demonic! lol it was so slowed down from being played so much.. So then began the Barney phase. Which I didn't mind, because that used to be my favorite show!! Funny how you still remember the songs :p

More soon,

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  1. i love ..love ...love the pics of the two of you..i know im biased because im *mom*