Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My letter to Etsy

Once again, my blog has taken an off topic turn, but I know e-v will understand, as everything I do is for her!

The topic of the day: Etsy.

The site we all know as cute and having adorable things being sold in it has taken a turn for the worst. It was brought to everyone's attention that a user youstupidbit*h (I don't want my sister to think I have a complete potty mouth ;)) was selling cards on his shop that were COMPLETELY inappropriate. He's trying to get a laugh, and he's going about it the complete wrong way. Who here thinks making fun of children with down syndrome.. women with  breast cancer.. even a rape victim! is ok!? Certainly not me, or any of the people that I associate myself with. So off I went emailing etsy. Should have guessed how that would turn out..

Me: Please, remove the etsy user "youstupidbit*h" his name is derrick clark, you're about to get a thousand complaints from thousands of hurt parents, siblings, advocates for down syndrome. Take it off as quickly as possible.. I can't believe you would even allow people like this to put content of this sort on your website.. that really reflects poorly on you.

A COMPLETELY disgusted girl who has a baby sister with down syndrome,Savana Trombino

Of course, like everyone else, I got the same lame generic response back but that wasn't going to stop me. I emailed them back.

Me:I'm sorry but this is not a case of "artistic expression".. you consider making fun of children with down syndrome artistic? It's not, and I'm sure anyone would agree no matter what global community they're representing. It's great that you allow people to express their sensibilities, but not when it comes to this. That's not right, it's really not. It should be more important to you that a HUGE community of etsy buyers are incredibly upset, over one user getting to keep his petty cards up. According to YOUR rules, there is no profanity allowed in ones username. So tell me, how does "youstupidbit*h" still have a shop?

It says it takes up to a day to get a response. Still nothing. 

So I took it up with this Derrick guy. 

Me:What is wrong with you? Who do you think you are having something up there belittling children with down syndrome? I really hope you're prepared for the thousands of emails you're going to be getting from hurt parents, siblings, advocates.. my little sister has down syndrome, how do you think it makes me feel to see that card up there? Do you have any siblings? Anyone you care about? Imagine them being made fun of, how would you like it? Thousands of people have seen that card, that embarrasses me. Your cards are stupid, they're ignorant, and they're petty.. as is anyone who buys them off of you. When my sister is old enough I can't wait to teach her about people like you, teach her not to be hurt by you, but to feel sorry for you. She's more blessed than you'll ever be. 

I hope this will teach you that all of your actions have consequences.. you can't say things like that without angering someone, and this was certainly the wrong group to anger.

Derrick:ive already spoken with etsy and all is fine with me selling this card as is. it's not against any policies whatsoever.

it may be in bad taste, but taste is not regulated.

maybe if you headed over to 
www.youstupidbitch.com you could find a card that offends you less than this one?


At this point my blood is boiling. I want to find this man, and I want to slap him. Who does he think he is!? Luckily, I'm an advocate, and I'm a crusader, and no way is it ending like that.

So I joined the Etsy Boycott, and I hope you all will do the same. I've looked at the etsy rules over and over, I've come up with my statement for their wall, and here it is:

"This is what happens when you let people "express themselves artistically" as you claim "youstupidbit*h" is doing. I'd like to know how making fun of people with breast cancer, down syndrome, rape victims, is artistic expression? It's not. So nice try on trying to back this guy up, but his name contains "mature, profane or racist language" And that's straight from your etsy membership dos and donts! I find that funny, considering you were so quick to send ME the rules on allowing members to sell pretty much whatever they want, yet didn't take that rule into consideration? Also under prohibited item rules, you list "Items that promote or glorify hatred, racial, religious intolerance", if you take a look at his cards, that describes all of them! It seems that you don't know your own rules, but were so quick to throw them at me. Etsy is a great site otherwise, but I'm sorry to say there will be no buying from me, or any of the 900 friends that I've sent this to until this gets resolved."

Me being well.. me, I had a lot more to say than that! Unfortunately (or luckily, if you're in etsy's position), the characters are limited to 1,000. Hmph.

I really hope you'll all go look at his cards and see what he's doing.. Making light of people being addicted to drugs, people with breast cancer, people who have been raped, people with down syndrome.. the list goes on. I hope you'll report him on etsy, join the Boycott Etsy fb page, REPORT HIM on facebook.. this guy is EVERYWHERE and I'm not going to stop until he's taken down. 

More soon,


  1. You are a very smart, wonderful person who absolutley has the biggest heart & determination. I admire you for standing up for your sister, my son & millions of other families that have loved ones with Down Syndrome. You are truly an amazing woman & I will fight with you to get this individual off the internet. I (like you) does not like to judge people or say negative things, but this person will have to come face to face with our Good Lord one day & he will have to answer to HIM, & for that, I am thankful. God Bless You sweetie.
    Love Always
    A Mother To
    A Son With
    Down Syndrome

  2. Way to go Savana, your parents must be proud of you, I am!

  3. I just reported his shop with a comment to etsy as well. Unbelievable. And so, so sad. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. You should be proud of standing up for what is right. I sometimes feel like we are fighting the next civil rights movement for our loved ones with special needs. I am proud to fight alongside you!

  4. I have just posted the following message on facebook, Good luck with the boycott,
    Hey Etsy, IS THIS FUNNY?????????????????????
    My son has Downs....Do you want me to send you a photo so you can Ridicule him, maybe you can put it on your Precious Treasury page............
    Stick you Etsy, you seem to have more interest in the Almighty dollar than anything any of is have to say....Wake up!

  5. oh no, someone is mad on the internet!
    really, if you don't like it, don't buy it.

    there's so much on the internet that i don't agree with, but i'd go insane if i tried to defeat it all.

    -the guy you're pissed at

  6. Sorry, but if I don't like it I'm going to stand up for my sister and protect her in anyway I can, including getting your shoddy little shop shut down. Wouldn't it have just been easier to take it down? I understand you trying to find humor in awkward situations, it's not like I can't take a joke, but some things you have just aren't funny, they're cruel.

    It's too bad that you feel you'd go insane, because you could really change a lot of things you don't agree with, if you had the drive and the natural argumentative nature that I have been blessed with.. but luckily we're not the same at ALL! so I won't have that problem!

  7. go ahead and keep protecting people from a greeting card.

    i've heard greeting cards can do terrible things to people if not watched closely. paper cuts!

  8. It's not the greeting card I'm protecting her from, it's the content. Nice attempt though!

  9. Savana great response to the jerk who won't just give up. ;)

  10. Savana,

    Don't let this a$$ get to you - you know he is just some little dweeb sitting around in his underwear pretending to be an artist (and not very well, either). He's getting his 15 seconds of attention but in the end he is still gonna be a sad, perverted little "man" too afraid to pick on anyone his own size...

    Your love for your sister is so much stronger - something he will obviously never, ever know.


  11. A sad little man, sitting in his sad, hate-spewing world. His hate will trip him up in the end. Pray for him. He obviously needs help.