Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two of e-v's firsts!

Her first photoshoot, and her first birthday!! This post will be all pictures, I'll do some writing next time, I promise :) (but if you do want to read some of my writing, don't forget to head on over to the other blog, and read my letter!)

hahah this one's my favorite!! Soo cute

Honestly.. can't get any cuter.

Sissys <3

Aw! This was when her hair could just barely fit into little ponies! And her dress was sooo cute
Eating her zebra cake!

Anddd looking frightened by it lol!

So thankful for my sister <3 she's the light in my life :)

More soon,


  1. So cute! Seriously, I love her :)

  2. two amazing milestones...the first photoshoot where she really couldnt sit up by i caught her every time she fell over...was shot in the photographers i had to make sure she didn't smash her beautiful head on the floor...and the photographer who as you can see is an amazing photograper (and now we need another sister shoot- hint hint Ash ) and her first birthday..spent with the people she loves the, dad, sissy,nana, rem, coty and we called aunt shelly and papa - we all sang happy birthday to her of the best days of my life :)

  3. I just read your post on m,y blog and it brought tears to my eyes. you are an amazing young lady and an amazing sister. I love these pics you are so lucky to have such a special sister and she is so lucky to have you. ENJOY!! Life is good!

  4. thank you so much!! :) Writing has always been something special to me, it's my favorite form of expression. And as for e-v, she brings me so much joy :) she's truly the light of my life.

    I love rozie she's so cute!! my mom showed me your shop a while ago on facebook :) and I love your hair pieces.. I'm really into designing stuff too! Well, I've never really practiced the designing, but I have lots of great ideas for stuff! it's just hard to put it all together! You're really talented! Are you on facebook? I'd love to friend you and talk more on there :D