Sunday, December 19, 2010

Waiting on some snow

It's supposed to snow tonight through wednesday, but we'll see! I'm excited for the snow. I know this is off topic, but sometimes the blog might be, as my thoughts are always going and changing, that's just me :) But along with the snow, I wanted to share an entry I submitted to a contest last week on why I love the winter time.

Here it goes!:

I love winter because of the snow. Every time the first flake falls, I think of the last Christmas season that I spent with my father. He passed away when I was 6, so to be able to remember something so long ago is very special to me. It's a memory I'll always take with me. I've never been a morning person, even at that age. But in my father came, bright and early one morning. Jumped on the bed, "Savana wake up!! wake up!" Reluctantly I opened my little eyes to see what was wrong. He opened the blinds beside my bed and I looked out and saw what I had been waiting so long for. The first snow!! I was so excited. It was snowing, and it was beautiful. So out of bed I jumped and into my little snowsuit and off we went outside where I proceeded to have him drag me around in my little pink sleigh (with our beagle Skippy in tow). We were out there all day.. I don't know how you have so much energy at such a young age, but it was literally night time before my mom finally called us to come inside. "One more time dad!" I yelled. He agreed, we went for one more lap then ran up to the house. We took our snowsuits off and laid them on the radiator to dry, then sipped some hot cocoa my mom had been making on the stove. It was a perfect day, and it's the perfect memory. Whenever I see a flake fall, it takes me back to the moment where I looked out my window with my dad at my side, and everything was perfect.

And now onto a topic of familiarity, to love the unloved! I will be writing about this organization for the rest of my life! I can't wait for e-v to look back at this blog and think wow.. my sister is such a persistent advocating girl! 

We have a new thing going on, thanks to the brilliance of Taylah! It's called a blog hop. I had no idea what this meant, I thought it might just be another fun australian phrase! hahaha (she's going to kill me for that) But no! It was an interesting concept, that I think will be very successful! I won't explain it, because at this point I'd like you to head on over to the blog and read about it there! 

But before you go, check out these picture's of my beautiful little sister! Have to keep up on her time line, don't think I've forgotten :) Last post we were at her first birthday, so these pictures will bring us through that summer, her second halloween, and back around to winter! 

e-v and leap! one of her favorite toys

cheesing for the camera ;) a ham like her sister

Forgot to add this one to a previous post, and it's too cute to be unseen!

Ready for winter round 2 :)

hahah look at her expression!! She was cracking me and my best friend Coty up.. she was watching Barney, and this one little boy was very.. interesting with his expressions and singing and she was so shocked, I was dying of laughter

More soon,

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  1. aww sweetie..what a great story to always remember... happy tears <3 <3 with all of my heart